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A Java-based build tool

The open standard for version control

A complete Java application server

The most popular open source database

A world-class dev environment

A great webapp framework

The official JSP/Servlet Reference
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WarServer - The Web Application Resource Server

A Resource for Java Web Application Developers. Our mix of links, applications and instructions are meant to save you the time it takes to assemble a production quality web environment.

Development and Deployment of J2EE applications demands that a developer be skilled in using the industry recognized tools-of-the-trade. These tools must be assembled into a cohesive system in order to write, test, deploy and maintain a web application.

We hope our free software and trails make your life easier!

Available at SourceForge

This is an Open Source project. All the software is free and can be redistributed.
It is available in the WarServer Project on SourceForge